Dr. Seuss Quote- Be Who You Are-Write Who You Are

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

Thursday, December 18, 2014


By Maureen Ucles

Rather pudgy
Based on the
Weight I gained
Seemed so insane
The stress
In such a hurry
To get to…

I have gone
Closed the door
Turned the key
Bolted shut
Walked away
No more worries,
Not for me
No more pain
No, not in the least
I am
Free like MLK
or maybe LBJ
Returning home to Cleveland
Not a care
Do I possess
Not a worry
I am

Free like lunches
Served up piping hot
   In warm soup kitchens
homeless shelters
Free like…
Government cheese
Grilled to perfection
Free like…free like
That would be
That would be
Open the gates
Left the shackles fall
Down, down
This is surreal
In slow motion
Under water
No noise do I hear...feel
‘cept sweet serenity
Just like me
So palpable

Let the cell wall crumble
to the ground
I am a
Walking out
Solitary confined me
No more
Light of day
Sears my eyes
Doesn’t matter
In the least
‘cause baby
I am free
On my own
Free like a bird soaring
In the Southern sky
 Mid December
Water all up in my eyes
Face and cheeks
Baptismal font

 Simply free
Am I
To be more
Do more
Be ME!
Out of the box
Look out, y'all!

So good
Nothing short of great
All of the above
Out of controlling
My emotions

Spectacularly free!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Six Years and...Poem dedicated to Alana Morris (Read last post)

I published this on my other blog  Just Write Baby 1, 2, 3...Go!

Six Years and…
By Maureen Ucles
Six years and a half—
Could have sworn 
Just yesterday
We were workin’
Bouncing ideas
Free flowin’
Oh no!
Step around, jump, skip
Whatever you can
Don’t step
on that crack
Break your mamma’s back
Or my heart
Whichever comes first…

Six years and a half
Can’t remember it all
Can never go back
I just wanna
Slow down… time
Tick-toc  tick-toc
You could never
Stop time
Nor can I
Times a changing
With more
Sounds ‘a rackin’ my brain
Feel a little convoluted
Little insane
Just can’t see it
My way
No way
Can’t play
To jail
Set sail
On your way

Six years and a half
Always, always
Running out of…
Never ever
Walking, slowing
Nope it’s me
Me knowing
You’re gone
No more…
Fun in the Sun
Belly laughter
Bursting at the seams
Borrowed time
On clearance
Now gone-
Past layaway
Cash register
Checked out

Six years and counting
Why does it have to end…
this way?
So very hard
To say
Goodbye and
Set the past free
What it can be
What it was
Without me
Just gone, gone, gone
Cold chills
In my veins
Not so easy
With my poor lungs
Tired of breathing
Still wheezing
Such a catastrophe
Am I
Without ya

Six years and a half
Don’t really have the Math
To compute
This craziness
Insanity… times three
Why do you have to flee?
No sense
Is this making
And me?
Nope, not faking
Cannot seem to awake
From this nightmare
I am ‘a livin

Six years and a half
Done gone
Like cold coffee
Down the drain
With those grinds
Six stinkin’ years
No more
a half

To be continued

For Alana Morris-Six Years and...

Every now and then certain people come in your life and brighten it.  Certain people come in your life and make a huge dent.  A friend and colleague is leaving her position to move on to better things. I am happy for her, but I am sad for all the wreckage that she has left behind. I am that wreckage.  I truly won't be the same without her support, laugh, and bouncing of ideas.  I never knew that six and a half years ago, that moving from a family at Cedar Brook Elementary, I would find another.  In Alana Morris I have found a true kindred spirit.  She has been a great friend to me.  We worked in the trenches together for six and a half years.  Alas, she has to move forward and so do I.  I cherish the fun times and the crazy times from netbooks, to Loretta, from fresas de chocolate to Dominoes Pizza with crazy cheese bread.  I will remember these times with a smile and some laughter.  For me, I will keep in contact with her on Texans Sundays and lots of text messages that turn into poetry and late phone calls on the way home from work.  This cannot be the end, only the continuance of a journey, a journey through literacy, friendship and just being human!  Love ya Alana!  This one's for you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Day, New Post Derek Jeter

I just watched the new Gatorade commercial about Derek Jeter.  I thought of how it would be a great way to talk about expository writing.  I really respect Derek Jeter and so I loved the tribute to his legacy at a New York Yankee.  I wanted to include this tonight.

Derek Jeter, Jeter, ter....

Monday, September 15, 2014

On Meeting Donalyn Miller

I had the great fortune to meet Donalyn Miller today at Edgewood.  Go to this link to see the photo and my post on www.justwritebaby123.blogspot.com.

On Meeting Donalyn Miller

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weird Al-Word Crimes

I don't know if you have seen this funny grammar video by Weird Al or not, but if you haven't it is worth watching!  Karen Justl shared that with me today.  I saw it back in July when Kelly Gallagher shared in one of his tweets.  Without further adieu, Weird Al:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hip Hop Abs

Just wanted to post before it was too late in the evening.  I just finished my 50 minutes with Shaun T and Hip Hop Abs!  I haven't completed this exercise regimen in quite some time.  Glad I sweated through it!  Feeling great.  Day one of my exercise regimen.  It takes two weeks to make it a habit?  I will write about it tomorrow.  Hip Hop Abs Cardio Groove!  Love it!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Where did the time go?

Wow!  What a day it was today and it is not over.  It is 9:00ish at night and here I am reflecting on my day.  My daughter marched off to her last year in High School.  Now she is officially a senior.  She drove off without a hitch.  I guess I didn't take in that moment.  I didn't slow her down and ask to take a pic and post it on Face Book.  This was the first August in 17 years that I didn't cart her off to the babysitters or to school.  I guess I didn't get all emotional and think about it too much until tonight.  I thought back and reflected on the years gone by, as I drove my daughter and I through Chickfila.  I asked her, "Where has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday we were coming home from the YMCA volleyball practices."  I have the plaques on my wall.  They are too numerous to count, the plaques for volleyball and basketball.  Elizabeth placed them on my wall. She neatly displayed one side of the wall with volleyball and reserved the other wall for basketball.  Sometimes I stop and look at those photos on the plaques and wonder, "Where has time gone?"  To the right of the plaques are the lined marks in different colors that measured her height through the years.  Red, black, green, blue and purple lines decorate the entrance to my bathroom.  Then I look at the hallway and there it is, the round circle made with black crayon.  Elizabeth's wall art of a three year old just stares me in the face. I ask, "How does time go by so stinkin' fast?"  It just isn't fair for any parent.  It wasn't fair for my mom and it is certainly not kind to me.  Yes, I know I must let her fly and I do, but not so stinkin' soon!  Where did the time go?